Local Pick up in Monterey County, CA only


Red New Zealand Litters Available: $40 Non Pedigree $80 With Pedigree 

Hermione X JG Born 3/9/22 —> Non Pedigree Kits available May 4, 2022

ZR 34 X JG Born 3/17/22 –> Pedigreed Kits available May 12, 2022

Standard Rex Litters Available: $40 Non Pedigree $80 With Pedigree

Standard Rex Rabbits coming end of year 2022

Feel free to contact us to be placed on the waitlist. Kits will be sexed at 5 weeks. Once sexed, we will contact you with availability! Thanks!

Zebra Finches Available: $20- $30

Standard: $20

Chestnut Flanked White: $20

Black Cheek: $30


Various Colors: $20

Boer Goats:

Visit out sister site —> GuzmanBoersandAngus.com

Coturnix Quail: Various Colors

Chicks 1 week old (Seasonal): $3

Hens: $10

Males: $5

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