Do Zebra Finches Make Good Pets?

New to Zebra Finches? Curious to know what it takes to own one? Better yet, is a Zebra Finch a good fit for you? Before we give you the answer, lets discuss some pros and cons!

Easy Care: One of the benefits of raising most aviary birds is the ease of care. Finches, especially Zebra Finches, do not need constant attention that a typical pet would need. They do not need the constant attention that your dog or cat would , which makes them a good beginner to intermediate pet. On most occasions, the typical care will consistent of giving fresh food and water either on a daily or every other day basis, this can depend on your personal set up. If you implement feeders, you can push the frequency of feeding a little further. We really like the automatic style feeders, see video below.

Companionship: A popular reason most people look to get a pet is to seek companionship. Here is where getting a finch may be a con to some. Typically Zebra Finches do not like to be held, and given the opportunity, they will surely fly away. If you want a pet to hold, we do not recommend any aviary birds, unless the specific bird you are looking for has been hand raised and is used to being held. Hand raised finches are not easy to find and if you do, they may come at a premium price. But as most bird enthusiast will tell you, the companionship you get from birds is not physical, but verbal. Having finches to sing and chirp as background noise while you do your chores or even as a form of meditation is definitely worth it.

Colors: Briefly, I want to discuss how beautiful and gorgeous these birds are. As with most aviary birds, the males are the more colorful ones with their painted cheeks and painted “vests”, but the females are also beautiful and can be just as eye dropping. If you are into variety, Zebra Finches can come in all sorts of colors and morphs. Ranging from black cheeks, pied, all whites, and so much more. Not all morphs are easily to come by, but if you are into colors and variations, Zebra Finches can meet that requirement.

Standard Grey Male Zebra Finch

One Finch or Two: A major topic to consider before getting your Zebra Finches, is how many to get and of what gender? This is an extremely important topic as Zebra Finches can tend to be aggressive if they are paired off and looking to nest. Finches can also get lonely so we recommend getting more that one. That being said, what should you do? We recommend getting pairs or more in either all females or all males. If you are looking to breed, then you should get one male and one female only. The reason for this, is that Zebra Finches will get territorial when they pair off and will fight any other bird that isn’t their mate. But, typically a cage of all males or all females can get along.

YES!: With all that being said, we highly recommend Zebra Finches as pets. If you understand the topics discussed above and you are able to house them and understand and accept their behaviors, then you and your future Zebra Finch will do great together! With that being said, make sure to do additional research to fully understand the proper care of these beautiful birds! Don’t forget to check out our other articles and videos!

Female Zebra Finch

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